laboratory relocation


When we expand the rooms into moving operations, new space, renovating, consolidating laboratories, laboratory cleanout, and relocation will be complicated and having very high stakes. Scientists’ research is lifetime work so it is irreplaceable. Every detail is critical when we relocate the laboratory. The different laboratory has different transition plans and involves more managers in their projects. There are many reasons involves for laboratory relocation .  Funding changes, growth of the program, and renovation of the buildings are the main reason to relocate the lab. Moving the laboratory and its equipment is a crucial thing as similar to designing for own laboratory space itself. Complicated laboratory relocation may take 4 to 5 months of planning before a single piece of equipment is moved. When our transition planner focus to move the equipment safely then laboratory personnel can focus on its research while pro manner involving in planning, preparing, and managing the logistics for specific to move.

laboratory relocation

Challenges in this process

Understanding the environment of the new place of the laboratory is the most significant challenge in laboratory transition. By identifying the new location of shared equipment and ensuring that electrical, plumbing, mechanical infrastructure in place must be verified before the transition process starts. When users relocate the cryogenic freezer with early research, something that is similar to trivial as the length of the freezer cord or refrigerator could be the major difference between successful relocating the specimen. During ongoing research, the biggest challenge in laboratory relocation is to maintain the …