History of electricity

Power to Choose Texas

Power to Choose Texas

Electricity made our life much easier. Without electricity, our would be completely different and much harder in every way. Electricity has been an unavoidable thing in houses. The household items like television, washing machine, fan, air conditioner, heater, cooler, lights, computer, refrigerator, water heater, and everything runs with electricity. The electricity makes our life trouble-free and comfortable. The important benefit of electricity is lighting. The lights sparkle in the night like a star. There are plenty of electric services. You have to choose the best electricity planner. thus you can save your money. The Power to Choose Texas is a website that shows an abundance of electricity retailers at an affordable price.

Power to Choose Texas

The birth of electricity

  • Michael faraday a British scientist invented the basic policies of electricity during the 1820s and early 1830s. still, we are using his principle to generate electricity. His principle is the reason for the birth of electric motor and generator. An electric motor, electricity changed into motion. In a generator, motion is converted into electricity.
  • Thomas Edison the great scientist who invented the bulb. Edison built the first power plant. The first PowerPoint was built in 1882 in New York. This power station sent electricity to 85 buildings. The entire gas industry was made obsolete because of the birth of electricity.
  • William Morrison an American discovered the first electric car in 1891.

Funny Facts about electricity

  • The words electro and execute make the word “electrocute”. The word electrocute means you were killed by electricity.
  • There is a place in France called Albertville. People in Albertville generate electricity by using cheese.
  • In 1896 electricity was introduced to Ethiopia. King Menelik the second ordered two electric chairs which were newly invented. It was invented to give punishment. But after they realized that the chairs were useless to them because their country has no electricity.
  • The greek word Energia is the basic word of energy.

Saving electricity

saving electricity is unavoidable for modern life. You save electricity by switching to the appropriate home appliance. The Most usable electric product in the home is lighting. Few individuals have the habit of leaving the light on. Fortunately, there are a few alternative ways to save electricity. The best way to save electricity is to switch to energy-efficient bulbs. This change will have an effective impact. Electricity-saving LED bulbs can last more than 20 times as long as normal ones. conventional bulbs consume copious electricity. LED bulbs consume one-sixth of the electricity that conventional bulbs do.

If you are in the search for your home appliances choose the products which have an energy star certificate. Because the products with energy star certificate use electricity less than a normal one. Use programmable thermostats. By using programmable thermostats you can decide the internal climate of your home. These thermostats are programmable and simple to use by this you can choose the temperature of your house according to your wish.it saves 35% of your electricity. You can choose a laptop instead of a computer because a laptop sped electricity less than a computer. High usage of electricity causes global warming. So saving electricity is unavoidable for mankind.

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