New solutions pose new problems- Texas Power to choose

Power to Choose energy

Power to Choose energy

Bills are always a tension for us. Especially electricity bills which feel like a huge load but we cannot prevent electricity in our lives. Most of the things we do and machines we use our Power to Choose energy and it is an inevitable part of our lives. It is even hard to reduce the usage of electricity. And on top of it, we get high bills.

Deregulation of energy-

To solve this problem, the government in many countries including Texas decided to deregulate energy. Earlier, the only energy provider was a government institution but later they privatized energy. Privatization of energy led to the growth of numerous companies which were in competition with each other. This deregulation reduced the grid pressure and helped customers to get the right to choose among different plans by various companies.

So many plans to select!

Power to Choose energy

Now, with this option to choose from, a new problem emerged to compare the plans. Comparing plans from different companies at a time became hectic and difficult for customers. As a solution to this problem, the power to choose was introduced. Power to Choose is a website on which all the companies put their plans and offers. On that website, a customer can compare all plans at one glance at one place, this made the task of finding the best suitable plan easy for energy users.

Companies astray consumers-

One can get the best deal on power to choose but this again posed a problem. Companies started using low price baits and tricks to attract customers. Once the customer signs a contract with the company, they introduce different extra service charges which were never mentioned earlier. Also, companies charge a hefty termination fee for the cancellation of the contract. This put customers in a state of turmoil.

A full-proof solution to this problem has not emerged yet as there is no institution keeping check on the shown plans and actual plans offered by companies.

The solution to this from our end is simply being more careful

  • Being alert – Before selecting a company or plan, one should go through complete rules, regulations, and facts stated in the contract. One should also enquire about extra charges, termination fees and hover over every aspect of the plan. He/she should also confirm the solutions to be taken in case any severity occurs.
  • EFL – You should carefully read and understand the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for any plan before signing the contract. Consider a plan which fits your usage patterns and meets your demands.
  • Weather – Consider the weather while buying an energy plan. Being aware of high energy rates in extreme summer and winter and low in monsoon and spring, choose a plan accordingly so you need not pay extreme charges.
  • Energy guide – Refer to any reliable guide before buying a plan. A complete understanding of the matter will reduce the chances of mistakes.
  • Betrayal – Beware of deceptive rankings, less bait prices, sudden bill surprises.

Problems are at every end of the point whether the energy is regulated or deregulated, whether it is government-owned or private owned, whether the power to choose is available or not. We always head to the best but if we find problems we need to find solutions accordingly. Molding decisions according to needs and situations provides the best outcomes.

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